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Years ago, as a young father, I neglected to ‘listen’ to what my father told me about raising children. I have two grown sons now and had I focused more on them instead of directing nearly all of my energy, time, and focus on my businesses, I would have a more fulfilled life now as well as given them a much broader base of information about who I was and the knowledge that I could have passed down to them that I'm certain would have helped them avoid some of the pitfalls of life. My father was right, ‘Spend all the time you can with your children. They grow up too fast.’ My sons turned out to be two fantastic men, in spite of me.

Multiple times I have lost my bank cards, cell phone, and ID at the same time because of drunken nights.

I denied my skill of nurturing others' knowledge when deciding my major for my freshman year of college, and I ended up wasting a full semester of much-needed credit hours pursuing the wrong major. Now that I am getting closer to graduation, I regret the decision I made back then, and I am grateful to have been able to get back on track with enough effort and time-management skills.

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