Famous Sports Agent Leigh Steinberg (whose life story was the basis for the movie Jerry Maguire)


Don Barrett, Publisher of LA Radio

“Charlie Seraphin has delivered an amazing and discursive tone on the critical subject of decision-making. He provides a series of real-life exercises to provide the reader with a more effective game plan on intelligent decision-making. Don't miss this one!”


“Whotta’ treat reading One Stupid Mistake while on our Florida vacation. I marveled at the diversity of messages: inspiration, learning, philosophical, self-help, teaching, humor and a prescription for living.”


Jono Helmerich

“While I know you are not looking for compliments, I want you to know I truly enjoyed this book. It is a refreshing counter-balance to the life we see being played out in public both socially and politically. This is a liniment that is needed, and at just the right time.”


Bob Beaudine,
Bestselling Author, The Power of WHO and 2Chairs

“The choice of what will happen to you is the result of all the little decisions you make every day. Reading this book might not stop all the mistakes life throws at you, but it just might help you avoid the one stupid mistake!”


“Fantastic work. Very thought provoking.”

Scott Coble,
Lead Region President,
Wells Fargo Bank


“Charlie is a great communicator. I highly recommend this book. A great resource for our family.”

Stephen Jones,
COO Dallas Cowboys


“The author's ability to communicate to the inner self is uncanny and his desire to help others out of pitfalls is what makes this book a good read and, if I may say, a must read.”

Rev. Thomas Willis, Pastor, America’s First Parish


Jim Gabbert, San Francisco Bay Area Radio & TV Hall of Fame

“Been traveling a lot, spent a lot of time in Mexico. Read--One Stupid Mistake, very impressive and really just plain common sense, which is pretty uncommon nowadays.”