Just because I've made 1,000 stupid mistakes
doesn’t mean I have to make one today.


My Promise

One Stupid Mistake--Smart Decision-Making in a Crazy World demonstrates how stupid mistakes ruin lives. It will make you think –– and can help you lead a happier and healthier life…

- A short book that’s easy to read.
- Stories about people, decisions, and what happens.
- How to learn from others’ mistakes.
- How to find your “little voice.”
- Common sense solutions to difficult decisions.
- Lessons you can share (with family and friends).

Special bonus offer: For no additional charge, the first one million readers get listening exercises designed to clean negative thoughts from your brain. Hurry–this clean and fresh brain offer won’t last forever!

One Stupid Mistake can lead to smarter decisions and change your life. It will make you think about yourself, others, relationships, mistakes and decisions.

You’ve never read anything like it.

That’s my promise,
“Uncle” Charlie

We all make poor decisions from time to time. When I ask people about their one stupid mistake, people often say that it's hard to pick just one! 

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Whotta’ treat reading One Stupid Mistake while on our Florida vacation. I marveled at the diversity of messages: inspiration, learning, philosophical, self-help, teaching, humor and a prescription for living.
— Don Barrett, Publisher of LA Radio