Nobody Can Be Trusted to Cover Your Stupid Mistakes

A powerful movie producer was finally exposed after years of predatory sexual behavior. Famous TV personalities, movie stars, executives and politicians are daily being rooted out for their past indiscretions. They thought they were impervious to revelation. They thought they were above the law. They thought they would never be caught. They knew what they did was wrong, but they convinced themselves that their celebrity and power would protect them from the truth. As the old saying goes, the truth hurts.

On the other side of social media, women who pose for nude photos intended only for loved ones surface publicly every day. When they posed they overruled their better judgement. They convinced themselves that it would be OK, even though they had a feeling that something might go wrong. When lovers fall out of love, they often do mean things like having “revenge sex” or putting up salacious photos of their ex-lovers on the internet. Nobody can be trusted to cover your stupid mistakes.
Image source: Unsplash

Charlie Seraphin